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Amphibious Medics Rover

Meeting Client Needs

Like the On-Call program, the Rover program was created out of direct client need and feedback. A unique blend of Amphibious Medics’ On-Site and On-Call services, the Amphibious Medics Rover is available to clients with a concentration of projects in one area.

Fully equipped mobile units act as clinics on wheels, able to respond to a client site at a moment’s notice, or park for the day to offer On-Site Safety and Health and Wellness clinics.

The Rover offers Area and Regional Safety Managers the ability to truly be in two places at one time.

Rover Expectations:

  • Enhanced On-Site services spread out over a cluster of locations
  • On-Call incident reaction to fi t the budget with costs spread out over multiple client locations
  • Mitigation of potential recordables for multiple sites

One-of-a-Kind Industry Operations

The Rover HSMT will be assigned to serve and respond to a regional cluster of sites within the coverage area. In collaboration with the client, and accounting for geography, traffic constraints, and human factors, the coverage area will be defined to reduce response time to an agreed-upon standard.

A flexible, rotating schedule will be developed between Amphibious Medics and the client to promote visibility at the projects with the greatest need and defined in a manner that best serves the client’s EHS goals. Ever flexible, this schedule will have the ability to be modified to suit the changing environments of each of the sites being served in the coverage area.

At the heart of the Rover program is the Rover HSMT Vehicle. This mobile clinic enables the area HSMT to be react at a moment’s notice to all incidents within the coverage area. An active incident will take priority over the scheduled day-to-day tasks. In the event of multiple concurrent incidents, the Amphibious Medics On-Call services can be activated and another HSMT can respond.

Rover Support is Available For the Following Divisions