Amphibious Medics’ on-site support immediately responds to and assesses an accident or injury. Our health and safety medical technician (HSMT) determines the best course of treatment for each incident.

Advantages of On-Site Medical Services

An on-site EMT’s services give your project, event, or construction site several advantages:

  • Familiarity with your workplace environment
  • Ability to make time-saving, cost-saving, and life-saving first-aid decisions
  • Agility to quickly transition incidents that require a higher level of care
  • Knowledge to brief you and the employee on what to expect in a clinic or hospital setting
  • Availability to escort the employee to a predesignated hospital or clinic and enable your management team to remain on-site

We have more than 15 years of client data that proves the effectiveness of retaining a construction EMT or on-site first aid professional to care for injured employees immediately.

On-site Medic Assessing injury

Our On-Site Support Commitment

Amphibious Medics’ commitment to on-site health and safety includes:
  • Immediate response to incidents to expedite care and services
  • A full-time certified HSMT trained in OSHA standards with an OSHA 30 card in their possession
  • An extra member of the safety team prepared to assist in any site safety activity
  • Optional occupational health and safety services delivered by a highly trained construction medic. Read our Occupational Health Clinics page for details.
Ask About Our On-Site First Aid Services
If you are interested in on-site first aid or occupational health services for your construction site, project, or event, contact Amphibious Medics. Our services are available nationwide and internationally. For more information on industry-specific services that Amphibious Medics offers, select your industry below.

On-Site Support is Available For the Following Divisions