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On call first aid services designed to keep employees on-site, mitigate unnecessary delays in return to work, keeping your workforce cared for and operations running smoothly.

Dedicated to Employee Health

Amphibious Medics is a nationwide, multi-discipline emergency, occupational health and wellness services firm. We specialize in large scale construction site first aid stations and infirmaries, industrial wellness clinics, incident data management, claims administration, regulatory compliance and on-site drug and alcohol screening for pre-employment or post-incident. We partner with general contractors, industrial operators, and government agencies to offer comprehensive and customized First Aid & EHS support solutions.

Dedicated to Employee Health


Injury Recordability Avoidance and Mitigation Program

Our HSMTs — On the Front Line of Care

IRAMP is our proprietary set of medical protocols written and continuously reviewed by board certified doctors. It is written and designed to the OSHA 300 log standard and is our unique approach to protecting your company’s safety record. This program does so by aggressively administrating advanced first aid whenever possible. This immediately reduces unnecessary over-treatment and expedites return to work, further resulting in avoidance of costly, unnecessary workers compensation claims, lost time, disability, light duty, and physical therapy.

IRAMP bridges the gap between OSHA regulations and first aid protocols by defining clear protocols for specific incidents in a way that is both compliant with OSHA 300 log recordability directives, and most beneficial to the injured employee. All Amphibious Medics HSMTs reporting to an incident to render aid will be trained and qualified to this level. Regardless the service level your company requests, Amphibious Medics supplies a highly trained HSMT to mitigate the injury when possible and avoid recordables.

When IRAMP is implemented by Amphibious Medics our clients enjoy an average 90% mitigation rate of unnecessary recordables for employees seen by our HSMTs. Amphibious Medics’ IRAMP is the most eff ective method to expediate return to work and relieve the costs associated with unnecessary off-site clinic visits and their potential over-treatment.