On-Demand medics for the restaurant and hospitality industry help minimize the need for urgent care visits and reduce unnecessary downtime as well as recordable injuries. At Amphibious Medics, we specialize in nationwide On-Call and On-Demand first aid, occupational health programs, and wellness services that promote safety at hotels and restaurants

Reducing Hotel Recordable Injuries

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the OSHA recordable incident rate for hotel workers' injuries is higher than the average rate for other workers in the leisure and hospitality industry. Although injured workers usually go to an urgent care clinic, Amphibious Medics provide On-Demand services that minimize recordable injuries and help prevent recurring incidents.

Some of our services include:

  • On-call and On-Demand non-emergent care
  • Data and incident tracking
  • Safety solutions
Dedicated to Employee Health

Minimizing Restaurant Downtime and Recordable Injuries

Slip, falls, burns, and cuts are common foodservice injuries that Amphibious Medics can assess, stabilize, and treat on-site—at your restaurant, food festival, or catering events. The National Restaurant Association advises that creating a culture of safety benefits your business in several ways:

  • Promotes employee morale
  • Minimizes the loss of time and revenue that accidents can cause
  • Keeps the workplace clean and compliant

Amphibious Medics’ safety consulting services can help you and your team achieve and maintain a safety culture.

On-Site Medical Services for the Hospitality Industry

We can provide your hotel, restaurant, or foodservice location with one or more health and safety medical technicians (HSMT)—medical professionals with licenses and certifications that match your industry and location's demands. We offer our hospitality clients a range of services to keep your OSHA recordable incident rate at a minimum:

  • First aid compliance with OSHA standards 1926.23 and 1926.50
  • Emergency response
  • Pre-hospital care

Amphibious Medics’ safety consulting services can help you and your team achieve and maintain a safety culture.


Injury Recordability Avoidance and Mitigation Program

Our incident-specific proprietary protocols enable our HSMTs to assess an employee’s injury, provide the needed care, and prevent an average of 90% of unnecessary recordables.

Our protocols are highly effective for these reasons:

  • Written and continuously reviewed by board-certified doctors
  • Compliant with OSHA 300 log recordability directives
  • Include clear directives to help HSMTs proficiently render first aid and minimize urgent care visits
300 OSHA log infographic
Bridging the Gap
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