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Amphibious medics set paramedic and construction site medic

Amphibious Medics is your partner for safety and compliance. With CDC, national and state protocols evolving, Amphibious Medics has assembled a task force to develop best practices utilizing available resources and implementing all accessible precautionary measures.

We ensure your employee populations are protected by deploying our personnel to the following locations (but not limited to):
  • Office Buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Sporting Events
  • Media Events
  • Obstacle Races
  • Construction Projects
  • Special Events (Concerts, Private Parties)

COVID Compliance Solutions

Employee Filing Covid Negative Test Results

Employers with staff of 100 people or more will be required by the OSHA federal mandate to test all unvaccinated workers on a weekly basis. This presents a huge logistical and HR challenge to employers.

Amphibious Medics can keep your company compliant with a turnkey solution for weekly testing + vaccination tracking

COVID Compliance Solutions
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COVID Screeners

On-site Temperature Screening and Set Paramedic

Our medical experts will develop a COVID-19 assessment program tailored to your unique operational needs. We developed our screening questionnaires based on the latest CDC guidelines and our industry experience to assess individuals for signs and symptoms of COVID-19.

COVID-19 Screening Services Include:
  • Screening Questionnaires
  • Symptom and Temperature Checks
  • Screening Station Setup
  • Trained Screening Personnel
  • Coordination with National, State, and Local Regulations
  • On-site or Virtual Screening

COVID Compliance Officers

COVID-19 Compliance Officer (C19CO) is assigned to your workforce to work closely with your staff to maintain COVID compliance. They are designed to inform any one on site of protocols related to COVID-19. The position is designed to work in conjunction with onsite personnel and to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by using CDC recommended measures.

Jobsite Safety Accountability Supervisor (JSAS)

Is your residential or commercial construction project greater than 10 units or 20,000 sq ft? If so, Amphibious Medics is prepared to support your large construction project by providing the mandated third-party Jobsite Safety Accountability Supervisor (JSAS). JSAS are assigned to a jobsite to verify compliance with protocols by visual inspection and worker interviews.

In accordance with the large construction project safety protocol order of the health officer No. C19-07C Appendix B-2.

COVID Testing

Testing Services

Amphibious Medics can fulfill your need for a professional COVID-19 employee testing service. COVID-19 testing helps mitigate the risk of unknowingly exposing your organization to the coronavirus. Testing services are in high demand among essential businesses and those opening back up in accordance with local guidelines.

COVID-19 Testing Services Include:
  • Coordination with Testing Lab
  • Comprehensive Results Reporting
  • Optional Case Management Services for COVID-19 Positive Employees
  • Home of Record Self-Collection or On-Site Provider Collection
  • Saliva Swab PCR Testing

Technology Screening

This 3-in-1 Face Recognition and Temperature Measurement device is one more tool for COVID-19 prevention and is being widely used in access-controlled office areas, office buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals, airports, and other public places.

Amphibious Medics Face Recognition System

Technology Screening Services Include:
  • Non-Contact, Automatic Body Temperature Detection
  • No Mask Recognition
  • Voice Alarm for High Temperature
  • Facial Recognition
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Access Reports
  • QR CDC Questionnaire
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