Expedited return to work after a minor workplace injury can be a critical ingredient in keeping your front and back end operating at constant peak efficiency.

Managing the Gap

Amphibious Medics manages the gap between the simple first aid that organizations can provide to their employee and subcontractor populations, and the over-treatment that most clinics will administer. By acting as a trusted, independent third party, Amphibious Medics can deliver the high-quality care your teams require, while avoiding costly and unnecessary clinic or ER overtreatment.

IRAMP is our unique approach to protecting your company’s safety record. This program ensures that first aid is administered on-site whenever possible, avoiding costly unnecessary worker’s compensation claims, lost time, disability, light duty, physical therapy, etc.

Reducing over-treatment and expediting return to work is the key goal of this very effective program.

IRAMP has been designed to bridge the gap between OSHA regulations, engineering language, and medical operations by defining clear response directives for specific incidents in a fashion that is compliant with OSHA 300 log recordability directives.