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Confined Space Rescue Services

Amphibious Medics provides confined space rescue services including but not limited to a confined space rescue certified medic, permit space identification and necessary testing, hazard recognition, reevaluation and reclassification of confined spaces, and authorized entrant and attendant awareness. When contracted, Amphibious Medics can supply all the necessary PPE and equipment required to effect rescue and satisfy applicable local, state, and federal regulations.

Data Management

Amphibious Medics has developed and maintains its own proprietary incident tracking software to aid our clients in detailed risk management and lower insurance costs. We provide 24/7 access to all on-site data which details and tracks injuries and treatment including customizable spreadsheets, graphs, and charts detailing injury types, prime or subs, and shifts. Our digital logbooks also detail all on-site activity so that our clients have a clear insight into how our clinicians time is spent on your site. Weekly reports are distributed to designated recipients.